ISA Team


Katrina Wilson - Office Manager
Katrina Wilson – Vice President of Operations
Katrina is Vice President of Operations and Sales.  Katrina originally joined Integrated Solar in 2009 and earned her NABCEP Technical Sales Certification in 2015.  Katrina holds an Associate’s Degree from Greenfield Community College in Fine Art and a B.S. Degree from Keene State College in Business Management.  Katrina previously worked with Vermont National Bank for eleven years in positions of Reconciliation, Quality Control, Customer Service and Computer Technician.  Katrina also has worked with Kroka Expeditions as Financial and Marketing Director as well as ForesTrade, Inc. as Inventory Manager, Logistics Coordinator and Accounting Assistant.  Prior to coming to Integrated Solar, Katrina operated her own accounting and bookkeeping service business for 6 years.  Katrina likes to hike, bike, kayak, canoe, cross country ski, downhill ski, ice skate, dance, run, swim, paint, horseback ride, practice yoga, garden and spend time with her family.
Glen Letourneau - Lead NABCEP Certified PV Installer
Glen Letourneau – Lead NABCEP Certified PV Installer
Glenn is the Lead PV Installer and is a Certified NABCEP PV Installer.  Glenn joined Integrated Solar in 2008.  Glenn has been actively installing and teaching in the PV industry for over 10 years.  Glenn was trained by Richard Gottlieb, a legendary promoter, teacher and contractor in the PV industry in Vermont.  Glenn’s expertise, skills and depth of knowledge are invaluable for the design, installation and service of high quality PV systems.  Glenn received his A.A in Environmental Science from Greenfield Community College and his B.A. in Environmental and Public Policy from UMASS Amherst. Glenn enjoys hiking, rock climbing, camping, and mountain biking.
Jennings Berger - Lead PV Installer
Jennings Berger – Lead PV Installer
Jennings is a Lead PV Installer.  He received his B.A. in Natural Science from Castleton State College.  Jennings joined Integrated Solar as an installer in 2010.  Jennings enjoys beekeeping, woodworking, hunting, snowboarding, and gardening.  Jennings had lived in an “off-grid” home for three years.
Ryan Lloyd - PV and Geothermal Installer
Ryan Lloyd – PV and Geothermal Installer
Ryan is a PV and Geothermal Installer.  He came to Integrated Solar after a layoff and job retraining program at Greenfield Community College where he was introduced to renewable energy technologies and obtained an Associates Degree in the Liberal Arts focused in renewable energy.  Ryan’s hard working “can do” positive attitude makes him a valuable installation team member.  Ryan enjoys working out at the gym, walking, hiking, kayaking, motorcycle riding, camping and mountain biking.
Jeffrey Robison - Vice President/ Field Manager
Jeffrey Robison – Vice President/ Field Manager
Jeff is an owner and Vice President at Integrated Solar and manages all field operations.  Jeff has extensive experience in the construction industry having worked as a tradesman, supervisor and construction manager for over 35 years.  Jeff previously owned and operated Jebaro, Inc. a construction company which specialized in construction projects for bank OREO (Other Real Estate Owned) properties where he provided services to BankNorth, Vermont National Bank and Merchants Bank.  Jeff’s extensive knowledge and ability to figure out any construction obstacle is invaluable to Integrated Solar.Jeff enjoys water sports, golf, motorcycle touring, downhill skiing, and spelunking (cave exploring).
Andrew Cay - President
Andrew Cay – President/ Owner
Andy received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with Distinction and an MBA from the University of North Carolina.  In 2008, Andy acquired Solar Applications Company and changed the name to reflect a focus on combining technologies to achieve net zero energy solutions. Andy worked for IBM Corporation as a manufacturing engineer, Related Companies as a mortgage broker and real estate development project manager, and BankNorth as a real estate workout specialist.  He owned a real estate development and construction company specializing in energy efficient housing.  He enjoys road biking, hiking, running, ice hockey, downhill skiing and spending time with his family.
Alain Ratheau - Founder/ Engineer
Alain Ratheau – Founder/ Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
Alain as Lead Engineer coordinates project design and technical installation.  Alain received a Baccalaureate Degree from E.F.M. in Paris in Mechanical Engineering.  In Europe Alain held an electrician’s license before moving to Rochester, NY where he worked as a Master Electrician for a Syracuse School System project.  Alain’s knowledge of DC electricity proved to be valuable for the project as it was directly applicable to the heat pump technologies being installed.  Family connections brought Alain to Brattleboro Vermont where he established Solar Applications Company.  Alain owned and operated Solar Applications for 33 years installing solar photovoltaic and thermal systems as well as wind turbines and conventional heating systems.  Alain’s real passion is wind and he hopes to see small wind prosper in his lifetime.