Schools go solar to cut their energy cost and protect their bottom lines from the rising cost of electricity produced from fossil fuels.


Hilltop used third party financing to go solar. Through a power purchase and lease agreement with an Investor Hilltop will achieve significant monthly energy cost savings while incurring no cost for the system. This agreement allows the investor to use the tax benefits (Federal and State Tax Credits and depreciation) which otherwise offer no value to organizations like Hilltop, Non-profits, and municipalities. In years 7, 10, 15 and 20 Hilltop will have an opportunity, but no obligation, to purchase the system. In the meantime the savings will keep adding up and the school has achieved its dream of going solar.

Hilltop's 48kW Solar PV Flush Roof Mount Array
Hilltop’s 48kW Solar PV Flush Roof Mount Array
Hilltop’s Solar PV Flush Roof Mount System is a 48kW system made up of 192 Hanwha 250 watt panels, 4 Fronius IG Plus V 11.4-1 Inverters, 1 engineered Schletter flush mount module mounting system and 1 Fronius monitoring system.