“This was a big investment for our family to make, and one we had been considering ever since we built our house four years ago. When the time was finally right for us to begin planning our solar system, the folks at Integrated Solar went the extra mile to make the process clear and smooth for us. They were a pleasure to work with, and did a thorough and professional job from start to finish.”
-Juliet and Brett Avelin, Putney, VT

“Like a gigantic gleaming perennial sunflower, our Tracker follows the sun across the sky. It is a symbolic vision for the future of our state and country. While empowering our home, it contributes energy to our communal grid and yields an attractive guaranteed investment return for decades.”
-Dr. Nichoas and Margaret Bartenhagen, Halifax, VT


“Work with the ISA team has been an exceptionally positive experience. It is delightful to work with professionals who know their business and deliver on their promises. We are thrilled with the installation. All of us at Sojourns are grateful to Integrated Solar for helping us expand our ability to achieve our vision of a healthier community.”
Cynthia N. Moore, M.S. Executive Director of Sojourns Community Health Clinic, Westminster, VT

“From the start of the project all the way through to completion, Integrated Solar’s staff did a great job of custom-fitting the system to our house and our lifestyle.”
-Maria and Ward Ogden, Putney, VT

“Working with Integrated Solar has been a pleasure. From Sales and Design- alway professional, punctual and PATIENT- to the installation crew- clearly experienced and NEAT. (Jeff won’t admit it, but he secretly likes my dog!) They stand behind their work and are on call 24/7.”
-Freida Wimmelman, Wilmington, VT

“Sales and Design as well as the installation crew were thoroughly responsive, pleasant, and professional… I recommend Integrated Solar to everyone I talk to about Solar PV!”
-Kathy Herrin, Brattleboro, VT


“I would like to congratulate Integrated Solar on their professionalism and diligence in assisting me. The process I went through from my first call, through the installation, and pursuit of the rebate has been at a professional level far in excess of what I see in the construction industry on a day to day basis.”
Nick Everett, Londonderry, VT

“We are thrilled with our solar panel system. Integrated Solar was great to work with and we were delighted with the quick and efficient installation job they accomplished. Very satisfied. We have experienced a considerable saving on our utility bill every month and have also received credits.”
-Nancy and Tom Ragle, Guilford, VT


“The day the tracker went live was truly exciting. The panels move and orient themselves to the sun and follow the sun throughout the day. Integrated Solar made the process easy; from our initial contact, into the design work and through the installation. We are elated to be generating our own electricity.”
Richard Bissell, Putney, VT

“I have received so many compliments on our solar hot water system. Everyone admires it because the panels on our roof look like high-end elegant skylights. The system is working very well and doing everything we were told it would do. The plumbing is clean, neat and of very high quality. Integrated Solar was very thorough and professional from start to finish.”
-Heidurn Mayar, Brattleboro, VT

“I named my tracker Suncatcher and I am very grateful to Integrated Solar because it does everything I was told it would do and more. It provides me with 100% of all my electricity needs. It is the right thing to do.”
-Tara Stuart, Walpole, NH


“We are the proud parents of a solar hot water system installed by Integrated Solar. From the first consultation through the installation to the final walk through, they were competent professionals in every way. The final result is a system that will benefit everyone and is an architectural work of art both inside and out.”
-Dr. Matt Peake and Dr. Leslie Goldman, Saxtons River, VT