Average Home in Vermont

Average Home in Vermont

Average Home in Vermont

Many homes in Vermont are not suitable for onsite rooftop or ground mounted solar. This can be due to a variety of reasons for example tree shading, insufficient land area, a slate roof or a poor roof direction. Community solar offers these owners a great alternative to receive the benefits of solar.

What an average Vermont home might consume to achieve Net Zero Energy (kilowatt hours):

Plug loads 6,000
Heat Pump 6,000
Heat Pump Water Heater 1,300
EV Charger 3,000
Total Average Consumption 16,300

A photovoltaic system which totally meets this energy demand might include 36 solar modules at a size of 430 watts each.

For your Budget:
This community solar purchase includes 15.48 kWs and has a gross cost of $57,276 (36 x $1,591 or 15, 430 watts x $3.70 per watt). A federal tax credit in the amount of 26% is available, $14,892. The net cost is $42,384 which provides an 8.8% rate of return on the investment with an 11-year payback period. This is paying for your electricity in advance, protecting yourself from future inflation rates and curtailing the use of fossil fuels.

For your World:
For your World:

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